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Honeywell Sportsman Club

Midweek Evening
Practical Pistol
Shoot #2

Wednesday, October 25th
Ben Avery
Practical Pistol Bay A

Here's a great way to wake-up your work-week!

Shooters' meeting at 5:30 PM;

Five classifications: Auto-Limited, Auto-Open,
Revolver-Limited, Revolver-Open, and Pistol Caliber Carbine

For safety reasons, no one may compete in two classifications

Mix of paper and steel stages.
.380 Auto minimum cartridge power.
Expect one stage to be in low light; Flashlight recommended.

The shooter must employ the same firearm for all stages of the match. Holster retention will be tested at match director discretion. Thumb breaks or retention straps must be used, if so equipped.

Safety: As always, safety will be the top concern during this match. The range will be run as a COLD range! No loaded firearms anywhere at the range, except at the firing line, and only under the direction of range officials! Firearms must remained holstered at all times except under the specific and explicit direction of a range officer. The range officer(s) will give directions to load, unload, lock open, and holster during each shooting cycle. Please read the PP safety rules and range command sequence posted on the HSC web site. Adults only, please!

No prizes -- shoot for glory only. No water or pop or dinner! Bring your own. Guests are welcome to attend.

Match Fee: $12.

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