Practical Pistol Range Command Sequence

RO: Shooter, do you understand the course of fire?

Shooter: Yes.

RO: Load and make ready.

(Shooter loads gun, applies any safeties, and reholsters, taking care never to "cover" any human body part with the muzzle. If the holster has a snap flap, the snap is engaged.)

RO: Standby . . .


>>POW POW<<       >>POW POW<<

(Upon finishing his shots, shooter remains in the position he was in last, with the gun pointed down range.)

RO: If you are finished, unload and show clear.

(While at all times keeping muzzle pointed in a safe direction, shooter removes the magazine, locks the slide back and displays gun so that RO can verify the safe condition of the firearm.)

RO: Gun clear - Hammer down - Holster.

(The shooter frees the slide to move forward, decocks gun, and securely reholsters the firearm.)

RO: The range is safe.

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