Print Your Own Reloading Labels

To print your own HSC reloading labels, you'll need to head down to your local office supply store and pick up a pack of 2" x 4" Avery White Shipping Labels. The Avery number is 5263 or 8163.

Then, download ReloadLabel.doc by clicking on the label image above. This is a Word 97/2000 document. Print this document on your Avery label sheet for 10 reloading labels per sheet.

By the way, the formula for Energy is:

where V is the velocity of the bullet in feet per second,
and WB is the weight of the bullet in grains.

Don't have Microsoft Word 97/2000? Click here to get a free
Microsoft Word 97/2000 Viewer (will also print, of course):

(Word 97/2000 Viewer for PCs using Windows
95/98 or Windows NT)

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