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Honeywell Sportsman Club

Practical Precision .22 Rifle Match

Saturday, Afternoon January 20th

at Ben Avery Practical Pistol Bay D

begins around 1:00 PM
Match will start around 1:30 PM

This is a new type of match for the club. It consists of shooting .22 rimfire rifles at varying distances at small metal hanging targets.

There will be 5 stages, each with a defined course and order of fire. Each stage will be limited to a defined "par" time. Though the shooting is on-the-clock, your score depends on making all the required hits within the defined time. Your score is not the actual time that you needed to complete all the targets in the stage.

There is one exception to this: one stage will be designated as the tie-breaker stage, where the time remaining for the stage after you make all your required hits, adds points to your stage score.

Targets vary in size from 3/4” to 6” in diameter. Distances will vary from as close as 15 yards to as far as 100 yards. Most stages involve some kind of a shooting prop or "barricade" from which you must make your shots. At the go signal, you must establish a stable shooting position and take your shots. During a stage you will likely have to change to different shooting positions where you will need to re-establish your stability.

The course of fire will be distributed prior to the match so that all competitors can fully understand the shooting positions, target distances, order of fire, and target sizes that will make up each stage of the match.

Entry Fee: $12.00 per adult, juniors free.
The match is open to all.

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