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Honeywell Sportsman Club

Military Rifle Match

Saturday Morning,
June 15th

at the
Ben Avery Smallbore Range
(just to the east of the Public Range)

begins at 7:30 AM
Match will start at 8:00 AM

Bring your favorite military rifle, or a civilian version of a military rifle,
in any martial caliber. No rimfires.

The first part of the shoot will be the Swiss "Obligatorisches Schiessprogramm", the annual rifle qualification that must be passed by all Swiss riflemen. A Swiss battle rifle is not required – any iron sighted military rifle will do. We will be shooting at 100 yards rather than the standard 300 meters with reduced size targets. You will be allowed 5 sighter shots, then you will fire 20 shots for record.

The second stage will be a CMP Games John C. Garand Match, Course "A". This is the same course of fire that is also used for the CMP Springfield Match, and the CMP Vintage Military Rifle Match.

Any military type rifle will be allowed. Per CMP rules, scopes of up to 4.5X will be allowed. Such shooters will be classed separately in an Unlimited Modern Military Rifle class.

This stage will be fired at 100 yards using the SR-1 target and consists of five sighter shots and 30 record shots. We will try to adhere as closely as possible to the official CMP rules.

All shooting is either from the prone, sitting, or standing positions. Shooting jackets, gloves, and other High Power gear is allowed, but don t feel outclassed if you don t have any of that stuff. Remember that this is an HSC FUN shoot! You will want to bring something comfortable to lie on for prone position shooting, and a spotting scope is a big help. Bring an extra magazine or stripper clip for rapid fire stages. Handloads, commercial, or military surplus ammo are all OK.

Entry: $12.00 per adult, juniors are free.
The match is open to all.

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