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MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph August 2015
Steve Werner  

If you are an ammo reloader, one of the many critical aspects of achieving accuracy and safety is knowing the speed of the bullet you have reloaded.

To collect this data a chronograph is used to gauge the speed of the ammo you are testing. Setting up a traditional chronograph can be labor intensive and frustrating, especially at a public gun range where everyone is giving you the “stink eye” if you are taking an extra few minutes to get set up.

Luckily the company MagnetoSpeed has come up with a nifty device that speeds up the set up process. It’s called the MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph. Traditional chronos use photo sensors to collect bullet speed. The main problem with this is the ever changing sky conditions. Sunny, cloudy, overcast and even roving clouds can pose problems for these traditional chronos. And setting up the chrono has to be an exacting process so you don’t destroy it if it’s not lined up exactly to avoid the bullets path.

The MagnetoSpeed has a bayonet that attaches to the barrel of your firearm. It can also be strapped to a suppressor or clamped to a picatinny rail. The big difference between it and a traditional chrono is the way it detects bullet speed. It uses sensors to detect changes in the magnetic field as a bullet passes over the bayonet.

Putting the bayonet on your rifle the first couple of times is a little trying. It has to be positioned so it is parallel to the bullets path but not in its path. A .25 inch gap between the bottom of the rifle bore and the top of the bayonet is required. Various sized spacers are used to achieve this gap. A provided ¼ inch aluminum bar is used to help ensure that the bayonet is straight and that the appropriate gap is provided. For those who want to be extra sure, a cleaning rod can be inserted thru the bore to make sure the path of the bullet will not contact the bayonet. I keep notes of the insert sizes for each rifle I have used the V3 on so that set up time is reduced. The final attachment of the bayonet is accomplished by pulling a mounting strap tightly and then twisting a knob to ratchet it tighter so it is securely mounted on the rifle.

The MagnetoSpeed can be mounted to some handguns as well. If a revolver has enough barrel length it can be mounted to it. MagnetoSpeed has now also developed a rail mount adapter for semi-auto pistols that have a rail under the slide. I have not tried this yet but have the rail adapter on order.

The V3 package includes a small display unit that is powered by a 9v battery or two CR123A batteries. Connecting it to the bayonet assembly is easily done by connecting the 6 foot cord provided. It doesn’t matter which end of the cord is installed into the bayonet or the display unit, as both stereo type connectors are the same. The display unit powers up on its own once connection is made between it and the bayonet assembly. It comes with a retractable cord unit in case you want to avoid the cord getting tangled with something on your gun bench.

There are a number of functions available from the display unit. Archiving a shot series is simple by saving it to an included SD card which can then be removed to transfer data to a computer. The display unit is very simple to use. It will record each shots speed, maximum velocity, minimum velocity, average velocity, standard deviation and extreme spread. Sensitivity adjustments can be made but it is set to normal mode from the factory and is supposed to work with the majority of ammo. I have not had to do any sensitivity adjustments yet and it has worked flawlessly for me.

My experience with the MagnetoSpeed V3 has been very pleasing. Set-up time is greatly reduced versus traditional chronos. If you are one who does a lot of testing for bullet speed, then the V3 may be for you. It will make your testing and reloading duties more enjoyable and much less frustrating.

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