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My First Hunting Trip November 2019
Jace Scruggs  

Once we hit the road it was sensational to know that I was going to go hunting. It took us about three hours to get to the hotel where we were staying in Holbrook. We got there and checked in to the hotel and conveniently our room number at the hotel was 223, the same caliber bullet I was going to shoot with my AR. When we heard the young man at the desk say, “Your room number is 223”, we knew it was a sign.

We stayed at the hotel for one night before we went to the ranch and roamed the little city of Holbrook and saw everything and even went to the museum. But after the fun trip around Holbrook we started the short 30-minute drive to the ranch. When we got there, it was a nice little cozy place. We played some games such as pool and chess.

After that we went just across the road from the ranch to see if our guns were sighted in for the hunt tomorrow, and they sure were. There were a lot of thing to see at the ranch. They had pheasant and chukar that they release and amazingly big buffalo, and this one huge water buffalo 50x the size of me. But before I knew, it was tomorrow, hunting time. We geared up, put our boots on and we were out the door.

As we were waiting for the guide to get there, I felt the adrenaline start to flow through my body because it was my first time and once the guide had got here, we signed the safety and liability waiver. We hopped in a 4x4 and the guide said “alright let’s go kill something” and that just got the adrenaline pumping through me even more. It was just a 2 minute drive down to the canyon and back I would say, but when we got down there and we saw these two hogs laying next to each other, at least we thought it was two, until we noticed it was one huge long and fat hog just sleeping and laying on the ground and once my Tata said, “That’s not two”, its then I knew that was the one I was gonna take home cause just all that meat.

We took a couple steps back to load my mag and then the chamber flew forward and I said to my self, “OK, you’ve got to calm down. This is your time to shine,” and I did. I went up to the edge of the cliff. We set up the trigger stick. I set my gun up there and I took 2 deep breaths and held it for 15 seconds (about). The first shot I took was in the ear and it jumped up like a kangaroo. I was pleased to see that it didn’t bolt away because then we would be trailing a wounded pig with not much blood trail.

Once the pig jumped up it was walking behind a hill and at the last second just before he went behind that hill I shot him dead. He dropped down to the floor with a shot in the forehead. Even when I’m writing this 12 hours later I feel the same adrenaline that I did when it dropped. When that big sucker dropped, my heart skipped a whole beat. After we got it, my Tata said, “I’m proud of you,” because after the first shot wasn’t a kill, it was a wound, I stayed calm and put another shot in that huge hog 2x the size of me. We measured that thing and it was a whopping 8ft tall and I’m 4ft tall that is about 2 of me.

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