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Rules For The Shotgun Game

  1. Three shooters take their place on the firing line at a time. From left to right, they are designated Shooter 1, Shooter 2, and Shooter 3.

  2. Shooter 1 calls for the bird by shouting, "Pull!" Shooter 1 gets first chance at the bird, Shooters 2 and 3 may not shoot until after Shooter 1 fires.

  3. After Shooter 1 shoots, Shooter 2 may shoot to try to break either the whole bird missed by Shooter 1, or to try to break a chunk of a bird broken by Shooter 1. If Shooter 2 successfully breaks clay after Shooter 1 has fired, Shooter 1 is eliminated from the round of competition.

  4. Shooter 3 may shoot after Shooter 2 only if both Shooter 1 and Shooter 2 have completely missed the clay, and a whole bird remains. If Shooter 3 successfully breaks a whole bird missed by both Shooters 1 and 2, both Shooters 1 and 2 are eliminated from the round of competition.

  5. Shooters eliminate themselves from competition by any of the following actions:
    1. If Shooter 1 fires after the clay has started its descent from the apex of flight, and misses.
    2. If Shooter 2 fires before Shooter 1 fires.
    3. If Shooter 3 fires before Shooter 2 fires.
    4. If Shooter 3 fires at a broken clay.

  6. An eliminated competitor takes the score of the order in which they were eliminated from competition; for example, the first shooter eliminated from competition receives a score of 1; the second shooter eliminated receives a score of 2, etc.

  7. Assuming no shooters were eliminated on a particular bird-throw, Shooter 1 rotates off the firing line, Shooter 2 rotates to become Shooter 1, Shooter 3 rotates to become Shooter 2, and a new competitor takes the place of Shooter 3. Non-eliminated shooters who rotate off the firing line will eventually rotate back onto the firing line as shooter 3. Eliminated competitors are removed from the rotation.

  8. This process continues until only two competitors remain in the rotation, and one is eliminated.

  9. All judgements are made by a consensus of the competitors.

  10. Because scores are influenced by the order in which a competitor first takes to the firing line (early shooters are more likely to get a lower score), it is customary to run at least two stages of competition to neutralize shoot-order-bias. The second stage may simply be in the reverse order from the first, or in finishing order of the first stage.

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