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Fishing Report
Destin, Florida
July 2018
Mike Hodge  

Fishing wasn’t great, but good enough to have some good fun and I was able to pull in couple of nice ones. Did not go offshore.

May 20/21:
Arrived Sunday afternoon. Had sent my mom for bait so I could fish Monday morning. She covered-down on the sand fleas. Hit the surf on Monday just before sunrise. Used the sand fleas on a two hook Pompano rig with a 2 ounce tri-weight about 18” from the bottom hook. Not much action early on, but later in the morning I hooked into a large whiting. The fish took several nice runs before I was able to land it. When I finally landed it, grabbed it, and turned around to show my wife, there were about 40 people standing there watching! They all started to whoop and holler and applaud. Too funny!

I was so focused on landing the fish that I had no idea it had attracted an audience. Whiting are good to eat, and this one was more than a meal for a crew, but I released it because I was too lazy to deal with cleaning it. And that received another round of applause. Never fished in front of an audience before……

Monday afternoon I went over to the freshwater lake to look for some largemouth bass. Used a drop-shot rig and whole live nightcrawlers. Action was good. Caught a few small bass, and some large and small bluegill. My mom caught a bluegill and a turtle. Released all of them (catch and release lake, even though I think the fish population would improve if they allowed some to be harvested).

May 22:
Unable to fish on Tuesday due to other commitments.

May 23:
Hit the surf again on Wednesday morning. Surf was up, so switched to a 4 ounce tri-weight. Also tried a crank bait.

Miserable! The early spring/summer weather caused the “June grass” (sea weed and algae) to show up early, and the large surf had it really stirred up. So after an hour of fighting the crap, I called it and went over to the lake where the action was again decent.

May 24:
More surf and seaweed. Threw some night top-water on the lake but no hits.

May 25:
Caught a nice pompano on a sand flea in the morning. Tried the surf again in the evening but no luck.

May 26:
Alberto started rolling in and the surf was way too high to fish. Didn’t hit the lake either since I figured the weather would likely slow the bite down dramatically.

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