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Honeywell Sportsman Club

CF Pistol Silhouette

Saturday, July 13th
at the Ben Avery Pistol Silhouette Range.

starts at 7:30. First round starts at 8:00 AM.
Second round to get started immediately after completion of round 1.

There will be two rounds of competition. Each round is 40 shots, for 80 shots total.
All shooting is from the standing position.

There will be three classes of competition:

  • Iron-sighted centerfire handgun (short range targets to 100 yards)
  • Optic-sighted centerfire handgun (short range targets to 100 yards)
  • Iron or Optic-sighted centerfire handgun (long range targets to 200 yards)


  • Short range classes must use straight-wall calibers, with the following exceptions: .22 Hornet, .32-20, .44-40, and .357 SIG are OK
  • Long range class may use bottleneck calibers up to 7mm-08 power level
  • Expanding bullets only! No full metal jacketed bullets! Varmint-type hollowpoints OK.

Here’s how it will work: You may shoot both 40-shot rounds in only one class, or you may shoot one round in one class, and the other round in a different class. It’s your choice. If you shoot both rounds in the same class, your highest round will count for the class score. Your lower-scoring round will be tossed out. Otherwise, you will be scored in two classes for record.

Entry: $12.00 per Person, Juniors - free.
Guests are welcome to shoot for fun and practice.

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