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A Pair of Archery Coues Studs October 2017
Dan Parks  


In 2016 we decided to start hunting all the trophy Whitetail Coues deer we were observing while hunting archery elk. In 2016, I saw a giant Coues buck coming towards my tree stand. I reached for my bow, turned back around and he was gone. Then I noticed the two bucks circle around and stop at 35 yards. I shot the palmated buck and he went 10 yards before he went down. To make the Pope and Young book, a Coues deer needs to score a least 65. This buck has an official green score of 96 and is in the Pope and Young book.

This year in 2017, I was sitting in the same tree stand when at 7:30am opening day, this trophy Whitetail Coues deer was coming on a straight route to my stand. I was trying to figure out where to place the arrow. At 15 feet from my tree stand the deer turned slightly to the right and I shot him (I am 20 feet up in a tree). He went 55 yards and crashed because both lungs were taken out. This deer scored 106 after shrinking from sitting in chemicals to preserve the velvet. This causes the velvet to lose the blood in the antlers and become tight fit against the horns. The 2017 buck actually scores higher than the 2016 buck.


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