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Another Remington 600 Fan January 2019
Tim McLellan  

Dear Dan,

Your May 2014 article on the Remington Model 600 really struck a chord with me and I felt compelled to reach out and tell you how much I personally enjoyed it.

In 1966, at the tender age of 14, I purchased my first deer rifle (of course with help from my father). As you may guess, it was a 6mm Remington Model 600. My father put on an old 4K Weaver scope and I was good-to-go for many years.

Since that time, I have collected many handguns and rifles (way more than I need!), but my trusty 6mm is and always will be my favorite. I am sure part of my favoritism is the connection with my father. The memories really flow when I think back on all of our varmint and deer hunts together. However, as you pointed out so eloquently in your article, this rifle is very special and it seems its performance is always underestimated by almost everyone.

As an example, while living in the NW I shot a very large mule deer at 300+ yards and it was a one shot kill! The performance table included in your article is very close to the grouping I am getting, with the exception of the Hornady 95 gr. SST - I am achieving 0.75” groups at 100 yards. My rifle also likes the Remington 100 Gr. Core-Lokt PSP ammo – it groups around 1”. Very few of my rifles, with maybe the exception of my .22-250, can consistently shoot these groups.

Another item you touched on is the rifle’s styling; short barrel, plastic vent rib, shark fin front sight, plastic trigger guard (I did replace mine with an aluminum guard), and offset bolt handle. Definitely unusual, but in my eyes down right beautiful! I wish more manufacturers were bold enough to put out rifles like this.

One more item on your article; the Safety Modification Program. I have been wrestling with this recall for many years and even had the forms filled out ready to send it in to Remington, but stopped before I sent it. I stopped after reading online numerous people who were not satisfied with the repair/modifications done on their rifles. In many cases they complained the triggers were replaced with ones that had a very significant pull.

Fortunately, your article clearly identified what the real concerns are with regards to the safe and fire positions. This is the first time I really understood the concerns or potential issues with this rifle. I have owned and regularly shoot this rifle for over 50 years (wow, I am old) and have never had any type of problem even close to this. That being said, after the first recall notice (a long time ago), like you, I have treated this rifle as though it has a potential problem. So, I am joining the club of “never sending my gun to Remington to have the safety fix done”. For the first time I am not feeling guilty about this recall.

I apologize for going on and on (I just keep rambling on and on ….) but just one more item. Last year my wife and I retired and moved from Vancouver Washington to North of Dallas (McKinney Tx) and I determined fairly quickly this is the land of feral hogs. In March of next year, I will be hog hunting and my main goal will be to nail one with my trusty 6mm. My son and I went out last year and I shot 2 fairly large Russian hogs but in both cases I used my .270 Remington (Model 700). It did a great job but I need to prove that my 6mm can kill a good size hog (again there are a lot of non-believers that a 24 caliber should or could be used for terminating these tough-skinned animals).

I am confident that if I do my job (hit it in the vitals), it will go down! I should also note I will not shoot any hogs at long range (probably 100 yards or less).

I am starting to go through your other articles posted on the Honeywell Sportsman Club website and must say you have a real gift for writing.

Again, I am sorry for going on and on but your article brought back a lot of memories and it is great to read that someone else really appreciates this rifle.

Tim McLellan

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