Sporting Clays

  1. Safety
    1. Safety is everyone's responsibility.
    2. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all competitors and spectators.
    3. Guns must remain unloaded with action open at all times, except when a shooter is on-station, ready to call for targets. Break action shotguns may be closed while stored in a gun stand or rack, but must be unloaded. When preparing to shoot, shotguns shall be loaded with no more than two shotshells at a time.
    4. While trappers at your station, or at adjacent stations are moving into position, squad members shall maintain all guns open and unloaded.
    5. Any shooter displaying gross negligence of safety will immediately be ejected from the competition.

  2. The Course
    1. Don't leave empty shells on the ground. Pick them up and dispose of them in the bags provided.
    2. The course consists of six shooting stations numbered from Station 1, at the north end, to Station 6 at the south end, from which competitors attempt various targets. The number and characteristics of targets from each station (the course of fire) will be determined by the event sponsor and will be the same for all shooters. Traps should be marked as to the position in which to place the targets, so that target consistency will be maintained.
    3. Targets will be propelled in a manner to approach the characteristics of a game bird or animal typically taken by a sporting shotgun.

  3. Equipment
    1. Shotguns of 12 gauge or smaller, are to be used in attempting all targets. Shotguns fitted for multiple chokes are permitted. Shooters are allowed to change chokes only between stations.
    2. Shot size shall not exceed U.S. #6.

  4. Conduct of the Shoot
    1. Groups of 3 to 4 competitors will form squads and proceed to the various stations. Only one squad may shoot at a particular station at a time.
    2. Members of the squad take turns at shooting, trapping, and acting as scorekeepers/field judges.
    3. When all members of a squad have completed shooting at a station, the squad rotates to the next numerically higher designated station. If rotating from station 6, the next station shall be station 1.
    4. To be scored as "hit" or "dead," and designated on score cards as an "X," the clay must separate into at least two clearly discernible pieces in the judgement of the scorekeeper/field judge. Targets not struck and broken shall be called "lost" or "missed" and designated by an "O" on score cards.
    5. A target which breaks on launch, but flies in a substantially similar trajectory to unbroken clays thrown from that station, shall be attempted by the shooter. This judgement is a consensus of the squad. Otherwise, if the broken target flies in an obviously different trajectory, it shall be declared a "no bird" and the shooter will be provided with a new target.
    6. In the event of a "no bird" on any pair, nothing is established and the pair is taken over. This also applies to gun/ammo malfunctions while shooting pairs.
    7. At the start of shooting at a new station, the squad may elect to throw one target pair for viewing. After that, no more "view" targets may be called for, by any member of the squad at that station.
    8. Singles may be attempted with two shots, and will be scored as "dead" if broken on either shot.
    9. Pairs may be presented as report, following, or simultaneous pairs. A shooter may attempt two shots at the same bird, or at different birds. Should the shooter break both targets with one shot, then the result will be scored as two "kills."
    10. The trapper may delay up to 2 seconds to release the trap after the shooter has called for the bird.

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