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Honeywell Sportsman Club

Patrol Rifle Match

Saturday Evening, September 10th
BASF Practical Pistol Bay D
starts at 4:30 pm - Match starts at 4:45


  • Patrol Rifle (semiauto)
  • Scout Rifle (bolt action, min .223, must have at least 1 10-round DBM)
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine (lever action PCC with tubular magazine OK)
  • SBR (300 BLK and pistol calibers only. Other calibers permitted in SBR
    if fitted with sound suppressor)

Each participant to shoot only one classification for entire match.
.308 Win max caliber allowed if SOFTPOINT.

Stages will require from 1 to 15 shots each; Expect total round count of about 60.
Targets will be mix of paper and steel, at distances of 10 feet to 100 yards.

Note: In effort to discourage firearms particularly harmful to range officer and spectator hearing, there will be a 10 second penalty per stage for use of any muzzle device that match director finds increases sound signature behind the shooter.

Steel core ammo and tracer ammo prohibited.

Bring eye and ear protection
Bring your own refreshments

Match Fee $12. No juniors please.

Guests are welcome to attend.

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