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Join the NRA for only $35!

Welcome to our club's website! We hope that you enjoy visiting our site. The Honeywell Sportsman Club is formally affiliated with the National Rifle Association. As you probably know, the NRA is America's oldest and largest civil rights organization with over 4-million individual members. If you are a hunter or shooting sports enthusiast, and are NOT a member of the NRA, we've got to wonder, WHY NOT? The NRA is out there, every day of the year, fighting for your Second Amendment rights.

The Honeywell Sportsman Club is an official NRA recruiter. We want to invite you to join NRA, or renew or extend your NRA membership through us. Even if your NRA membership is current, you can still add years to your membership by sending in another application. By doing so, not only are you adding your voice to the fight to preserve the Second Amendment, but you're helping to support the Honeywell Sportsman Club.

And here's the really great news -- The normal, off-the-street (or off-the-internet) cost to join the NRA is $45 for an annual membership or renewal. But NRA has authorized HSC to offer the 1 year annual membership for $35 -- a $10 discount! The discount offer is good for a new 1 year membership, or for a 1 year renewal. Even higher discounts are available for multi-year or Life memberships.

We have two ways for you to join the NRA: If you like paper, here's an NRA membership application form which you can download and print:

NRA Membership Application Form

After downloading the form, just print it out, fill in the information it asks for, and send it in with your NRA dues to the address shown at the bottom of the form.

Or, you can submit an application right here, over the internet. If you go into NRA's internet "front door" and find your way to the "Join NRA" screen, you will see the $45 cost for the annual membership. But if you click on the NRA logo below, you'll get to the same place, but you'll be offered the annual membership for only $35:

Join over the Internet

Thanks for supporting the NRA and the Honeywell Sportsman Club.

(Hey! An NRA membership makes a great gift, too.)

If you're having trouble seeing the form, you probably need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click here to get your free copy.

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