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Honeywell Sportsman Club

Big Boar
3-Gun Match

Saturday Morning,
December 14th

“Big Bore” is the theme! Most targets will be steel. Plus you will get chances to destroy stuff. We will do things we could not do at BASF.

You may use different guns, but only one per stage. If you have a lever-action, consider bringing it for at least one stage. Make sure your guns and ammo are functional. No alibis under the clock.

NOTE: Even though this is a 3-gun event, if you prefer you could shoot in only one or two categories.

Be there by 7:45AM; shoot begins at 8AM. If you’re an early bird, come out at daylight and help set up some targets/stages.

Bring eye and ear protection.
Bring your own drinking water.

Bring a repeater! Should have an approximate power level of a .243 or .308 Winchester, or more. Anything with less knock-down power is NOT allowed, so no 7.62x39s or 223s! Deer rifles are encouraged, or varmint / sniper bolt guns. Autoloaders are OK only if you really don't own a bolt action, and will be scored in a separate class. A box of 50 rounds should be sufficient. NO FMJs allowed. Do not use tracers!

Bring a 12ga pump or autoloader. Bring a box of (5ea) slugs. Remember the theme and as a minimum bring one box of shells with manly content, and one box of bird shot. No 20ga or smaller allowed.

Revolver is required. Caliber must be .357 Magnum or larger.

Entry Fee: $3

Directions: Go north on I-17 to the Table Mesa exit (exit 236). Cross back over the freeway heading west. Just past the frontage road which heads north is a minor road with a wire gate across it. A high clearance vehicle is necessary.Go through the wire gate and the road will loop around heading south. Follow the road south for about ¾ mile to where it meets the pipeline swath (GPS coordinates N 33º 57.472’ W 112º 08.351’). Then continue west on the jeep road for 1.6 more miles to a large open area. A high clearance vehicle is needed.
(Click map to the right for a larger view.)

Guests are welcome to participate.

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