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Honeywell Sportsman Club

Precision Rimfire Benchrest Match

Saturday, April 29th
At the Ben Avery Smallbore Range

Sign in period begins at 8:00 am
Firing begins at 8:30

The Smallbore range is to the east of the main range.

Bring your most accurate .22 rimfire caliber rifle and plenty of ammo.

Your rifle should have a scope capable of sighting on a target at 50 yards.

This is a simple game. Each stage consists of unlimited sighters and 25 shots for record. All shooting will be from the bench (bring a rest if you have one). Targets are located 50 yards downrange. Each target has 25 bulls with a max score of 2500 points. The 100 point scoring ring is 0.5. The plan is to shoot 4 stages (100 shots for record).

Since there are unlimited sighters, there will be no pre-match practice.

Match entry fee is $12 for adults and juniors are free.

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