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Honeywell Sportsman Club
Buckhunters Challenge

Saturday, October 16th

This event is a simulated rifle deer hunt in Arizona's
desert mountain country.

Set-up starts around 7:30 to 8:00 AM.
Event starts when set-up is complete.
The more setup help we get, the faster we can get started.

We will set up a number of e-Deer targets to be shot at from varying ranges up to 400 yards. Shooting will be from several positions at the targets which are positioned in the surrounding hills. The highest score that can be obtained is to make every opportunity a one-shot kill.

No pre-shoot practice! Make sure your rifle is ready to hunt when you arrive!
Field-worthy shooting aids and rangefinders are allowed.

What you might want to bring:
  • Your deer rifle in a minimum caliber of .243 Win.
  • You'll appreciate having a sling on your rifle for carrying.
  • 30 rounds of ammunition, though one box of 20 will do if you're a good shot!
  • Definitely bring walking water.
  • Binoculars
  • Wear your hunting boots.

Entry Fee: $5

Directions: Go north on I-17 to the Table Mesa exit (exit 236). Cross back over the freeway heading west. Just past the frontage road which heads north is a minor road with a wire gate across it. Go through the wire gate and the road will loop around heading south. Follow the road south for about mile to where it meets the pipeline swath (GPS coordinates N 33 57.472 W 112 08.351). Then continue west on the jeep road for 1.6 more miles to a large open area. A high clearance vehicle is needed. (Click map to the right for a larger view.)

IMPORTANT: Since this shoot takes a good deal of setup, it doesn't make sense to run the shoot if too few people will come. Therefore please email an RSVP to the host of the shoot to confirm that you are planning to come. If too few people respond, the shoot will be canceled and the RSVP'ers will be notified of the cancellation by return email.

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