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Honeywell Sportsman Club
300 Yard CF Rifle Match

Sunday Morning, July 24th
at the BASF Benchrest Range

Sign-up will start at 7:30 AM
The match starts at 8:00 AM

Firing will be from the benches at the MR-63 NRA High Power rifle target.
All targets will be at 300 yards.
There will be two classes: Modern Scoped and Vintage Sniper.

The Modern Scoped class is meant for any modern rifle from the typical varmint or deer rifle to something you might use in F-Class competition.

The Vintage Sniper class is meant for military surplus rifles from the era when sniper rifles were little more than scoped standard infantry rifles. We won’t be picky about period-correct optics and mounts. But stocks and/or barrels must not be cut-down. Milsurp rifles that have been sporterized must compete in the Modern Scoped class.

There will be a 10 minute sighting period to start.

There will be three strings of 15 shots:
String 1: 15 shots in 15 minutes.
String 2: 15 shots in 10 minutes.
String 3: 15 shots, each shot in 20 seconds.

Entry Fee: $12 per adult, juniors are free.
Friends and guests are welcome to join-in.

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