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Posted Gerhard's story,“Late for Lunch” Deer Hunt
January 14, 2018
Desert 3-Gun Match event announcement
January 11, 2018
Results: Military Rifle Match #1
January 6, 2018
Military Rifle Match #1 event announcement
January 2, 2018
Results: Precision Rifle Match
January 2, 2018
Precision Rifle Match event announcement
December 17, 2017
Results: Annual Turkey Shoot
December 16, 2017
Turkey Shoot event announcement
Note, change of sequence: Shotgun first at the Ben Avery Clay Target Center
December 9, 2017
Results: Big Boar 3-Gun Match
December 3, 2017
Big Boar event announcement
November 26, 2017
Results: Desert Trap
November 25, 2017
Posted Dan's story,"Bladeology: Later Year Western Knives"
November 23, 2017

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